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-We just released this new site, with a new download system.  Most downloads are working, but we have been experiencing some issue with some computers and some browsers.  There may be delays, but please rest assured we will get you your download if you have an issue with it, just email with the following information.

1) Your name
2) The email you placed the order under
3) Order #
4) Computer type
5) Operating System and version
6) Web Browser and version
7) Your general area from which you are attempting download
8) What is happening when you attempt download

Thanks for your support and patience as we try to make the Journeyfilm experience easier and better for our users.



 Buying Products:

What’s the difference between the “formats” on the product page?

  1. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: A digital file custom coded with your contact information that downloads to your computer. You can then put this file on an external thumb drive or load it onto a mobile device. DO NOT use this option if you do not have access to a computer. It WILL NOT play if you attempt to download it straight to your mobile device, tablet. Once downloaded, you can move a copy to a mobile device, or tablet and the file will play on most devices without an internet connection. You only get two attempted downloads, so make sure you are on a solid connection and have plenty of time to complete the download. Once downloaded you will need to backup the file as this will be your only copy.
    -Average Download Sizes

    1. HD~5GB
    2. SD~2GB 
  2. ON DEMAND: This option will allow you to stream the film using the “My Library” section, under the”Buy” tab of It can be played from your computer or mobile device. It does, however, REQUIRE a constant connection to the internet to playback. It also currently ONLY will play from; it is not supported by any other on-demand services.

 Where do I access my digital download?

  • You can download your purchased digital file in one of two ways.
    1. A link to your digital download will be e-mailed to you after your payment has cleared the bank. (Note. Bank Transfers, Check Payments, and Paypal bank transfers are not immediately funded and your download link will be delayed until the payment has cleared.)
    2. You can also download your file selecting “My Account” under the “Buy” tab and logging in. Your download will appear under the “My Downloads” section.

Where do I access my On Demand media?

  • First you need to confirm that your payment has cleared. (Note. Bank Transfers, Check Payments, and Paypal bank transfers are not immediately funded and your download link will be delayed until the payment has cleared.)
  • Then you can access your On Demand media in two ways.
    1. Make sure you are already logged in to the same account you used to purchase the On Demand media and then click on the “My Video Library” under the “Buy” tab. At this point all the films will show up, but you will only have access to the film that you have purchased once you click on it. In the near future, you will only see the content you have access to.
    2. As a temporary workaround, if no films are showing up in your Library you can access your film directly by logging into the same account you used to purchase the film and then going the the following link. and replace the last string (starting with “jf1”) with the SKU of the film that you purchased, which is available in your receipt or by clicking on the links below:
      1. The Runner:
      2. Ultramarathonman:
      3. Unbreakable: The Western States 100:
      4. The Long Haul: John Muir Trail:
      5. Rowing the Atlantic:

Can I watch my On Demand media from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc? 

  • No, at this time, On Demand items purchased from can only be watched by accessing your “My Video Library” on’s website and viewing them from within’s browser window.