TraiLive S02 E03 – In One Day Preview Screening – Ivan Zinn Interview

FREE LIVE PREVIEW – JULY 1st, 2015 5:30pm PST

Journeyfilm’s latest short film “In One Day” details the epic 2014 Western States 100 run by Ivan Zinn, an amateur ultrarunner from New York who set out to run the race in under 24 hours. We’re holding a special, 1 day only FREE screening of this film at 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time on July 1st, 2015, followed by a live Q&A chat with director JB Benna and Ivan Zinn. Bookmark this page and set your watch, it’ll be available right here for one night only!

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In One Day - Ivan Zinn's Western States Run by Journeyfilm

If you like the film (or even if you don’t) consider pre-ordering a digital download or streaming copy; proceeds will help go to finish the film and to support Western States Trail preservation. Pre-orders also have the advantage of being cheaper than when it goes on sale, so order now for peace of mind later!